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Xeneta Shipping Index (XSI®)

The most trusted source of ocean container rates. 

Market average rates for a 40' container (FEU).
Rates update daily with a 2-day lag.



XSI® Frequently Asked Questions



The XSI is provided for general information purposes only. The data presented in the XSI is collected from shipper and freight forwarders customers, cleansed and validated. However, due to the possibility of mechanical and/or human error or other factors, Xeneta is not responsible for any errors or omissions.

The XSI may sometimes include calculation errors, non-updated surcharges and erroneous data, and may not be strictly representative of the ocean freight shipping rate level for a particular trade lane.

Although Xeneta has made reasonable efforts to update the information/data of the XSI, the XSI is provided without any warranties or similar from Xeneta, neither explicit nor implied, regarding the accuracy or completeness. The XSI is in general intended only to give a general overview of the subject matter.

Xeneta expressly disclaims any liability for any decision made or action taken in reliance on the information contained in this index.

Xeneta aims to update the Information on a regular basis and may change the Information at any time. Any Information may however be out of date at any given time, and Xeneta has no obligation to update the Information.

Xeneta will use reasonable efforts, consistent with prevailing industry standards and practices, to maintain the availability of the web site xsi.xeneta.com (the "Website"). Nonetheless, the Website may be temporarily unavailable for scheduled maintenance and/or unscheduled emergency maintenance or due to causes beyond Xeneta's reasonable control.

Xeneta does not warrant that the XSI or the Website will be uninterrupted, free of technical errors, viruses, or other technologically harmful material.

If necessary for security reasons or any other reason, Xeneta may suspend and/or close the index and the Website.

Xeneta waives any and all responsibility or liability for any defects, incompleteness, or other errors in or unavailability of the index, the Information, and/or the Website.


What is the XSI®?

The XSI® stands for the Xeneta Shipping Index. It delivers the most in-depth and most accurate representation of the container freight market. It is the go-to and most trusted source for container freight rates in the industry.

The XSI® displays daily market average rates with a 2-day lag. It is calculated daily at 8:00 UTC and published at 11:00 UTC. It reports rolling short-term Freight All Kind (FAK) rates valid for less than 32 days, for a 40' container.

The XSI® also reports for the long-term contract market, contracts longer than 88 days. A monthly XSI® data report with commentary is released free of charge. Access it here. 

For real-time and on-demand access to the largest database of ocean freight rates, contact us. We're happy to show you what else you can do with the power of Xeneta rate data. 

What is the XSI® data based on?

The XSI® is based on Xeneta’s ocean freight SaaS benchmarking and market analytics platform of +280mm contracted rates.  From this pool of data, we publish the arithmetic mean. The rates are made up of anonymized and aggregated data ingested from leading global freight forwarders and shippers. 

Xeneta data represents over $15B in ocean freight spend. It is trusted by some of the world's leading companies to power their transportation and supply chain strategies. 

The XSI® delivers the most in-depth and most accurate representation of the container freight market. It is the go-to and most trusted source for container freight rates in the industry. 

What is the port structure?

The daily XSI® currently reports on 12 regional trade lanes.

  • Far East Main - N. Europe Main: OTHC included
  • N. Europe Main - Far East Main: OTHC included
  • Far East Main - Mediterranean Main: no THC included
  • Mediterranean Main - Far East Main: OTHC included
  • Far East Main - US West Coast: DTHC included
  • US West Coast - Far East Main: DTHC included
  • Far East Main - S. America East Coast Main: no THC included
  • N. Europe Main - US East Main: OTHC/DTHC included
  •  US East Coast Main - N. Europe Main: DTHC included
  • Mediterranean Main - US East Coast Main: OTHC/DTHC included
  • Us East Coast Main - Mediterranean Main: DTHC included
  • N. Europe Main - S. America East Coast Main: OTHC included


Below you can see which ports are under each region.

The Xeneta platform provides rate benchmarks for over 160,000 port-port pairs in real-time. If you would like rate visibility into other trade lanes, please contact us. 


Far East Main Ports (FE)

Port Code Port Name
CNNBO Ningbo
CNQIN Qingdao
CNSGH Shanghai
CNXAM Xiamen
CNDAL Dalian
CNTXG Xingang (Tianjin New Pt)
CNCWN Chiwan
CNNSA Nansha
CNSHK Shekou
CNSNZ Shenzhen
CNYTN Yantian
HKHKG Hong Kong
JPHKT Hakata/Fukuoka
JPNGO Nagoya, Aichi
JPYOK Yokohama
KRINC Incheon
KRKAN Gwangyang
TWKEL Keelung (Chilung)
TWKHH Kaohsiung
TWTXG Taichung


North Europe Main Ports (NE)

 Due to the high difference in rates we have removed UK ports from the North Europe port cluster. Excluding UK ports allows the XSI® to provide the most accurate representation of the market.

If you would like to have rates for UK trade lanes, please contact us at xsi@xeneta.com

Port Code Port Name
BEANR Antwerpen
BEZEE Zeebrugge
DEBRV Bremerhaven
DEHAM Hamburg
DEWVN Wilhelmshaven
FRLEH Le Havre
NLRTM Rotterdam


Mediterranean Main Ports (MED)

Port Code Port Name
ESBCN  Barcelona
ESALG Algeciras
ESVLC Valencia
FRFOS Fos-sur-Mer
HRRJK Rijeka
ITAOI Ancona
ITCVV Civitavecchia
ITGIT Gioia Tauro
ITGOA Genova
ITLIV Livorno
ITNAP Napoli
ITRAN Ravenna
ITSAL Salerno
ITSPE La Spezia
ITTRS Trieste
ITVCE Venezia
GRPIR Piraeus
GRSKG Thessaloníki
TRALI Aliaga
TRAMR Ambarli
TREYP Evyap Pt
TRIST Istanbul
TRKMX Kumport
TRTEK Tekirdag
TRYPO Yilport


US West Coast Main Ports (USW)

USOAK Oakland, CA
USLAX Los Angeles, CA
USLGB Long Beach, CA
USSEA Seattle, WA
USTIW Tacoma, WA


US East Coast Main Ports (USE)

Port Code  Port Name
USCHS Charleston, SC
USILM Wilmington, NC
USNYC New York City/Newark, NY&NJ
USORF Norfolk, VA
USSAV Savannah, GA


S. America East Coast Main Ports (SAE)

Port Code Port Name
ARBUE Buenos Aires
BRSSZ Santos
UYMVD Montevideo
BRSSA Salvador
BRIOA Itapoa
BRNVT Navegantes
BRPNG Paranaguá
BRRIG Rio Grande

Why is the XSI® the most accurate shipping index?

The XSI® rates represent the actual movement of the market reporting rate fluctuations on the actual day the rates change; effectively on the day the rate is valid from. 

For several years, Xeneta has been tracking the short-term data against the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI) with a 99% correlation in rates for China export. 

Who and how can the the XSI® be used?

Anyone can use the XSI® data as it appears on the site. We believe that an informed industry is a win for all of the global trade. The XSI® data is regularly used to support commentary by leading global industry and business publications.

Media Outlets / Analysts

Use of the XSI® data is permitted for all, but we require that you please accredit the data to Xeneta and link back to the site, if possible.

If you are a journalist or an analyst and require detailed data, please contact us at xsi@xeneta.com

How can I learn more about the XSI®?

To learn more about Xeneta, please visit www.xeneta.com or send us an email at xsi@xeneta.com